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Monika Maria Herzing

Welcome to my website!
Nice of you to visit me here.

I studied my craft – acting, dance and choreography – in England and the USA.

I have also lived and worked in New Zealand, France, Liechtenstein and Austria.

In my home country of Germany, I have been allowed to give my best in various municipal, private and open-air theatres, as well as in the independent scene and in my own productions since 1995. I also take part in various TV and film productions.

Munich has been my home since 2008. I live here with my family. I enjoy the surrounding nature and the proximity to the mountains.



Date of birth1964
Height169 cm (5’7″ ft/in)
Size36/38 (8-10)
Color of hairfair/blond
Color of eyesblue
Singingmezzo soprano
English (fluent)
French (intermediate)
FranconianNorth German
SportsTraines professional dancer
(contemporary, modern, ballet)
Tai Chi, Yoga
skiing, mountain climbing,
cycling, kajaking
swimming, snorkeling/skin-diving
LocationMunich, Germany
Living in houseBerlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Vienna, York (GB), Paris, San Francisco
Driving licensecar, motorcacle


2021Voice acting further education (audio book, audio play, dubbing), Coaching Company Berlin
2021Film acting (plus audio book), Theater Werk München, Munich
2020Speaker at Sprecher Akademie Munich/Vienna
2016Martz/Walker Meisner Film Acting, ISSF Berlin
2013Film acting with Hendrik Martz, Münchner Filmwerkstatt, Munich
2010Camera acting with Hermann Killmeyer, Hamburg
1995/2021Continuation of education in dance, voice, singing as well as theatre improvisation/acting in New York, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich
1994/1995Scholarship to become a Halprin Graduate in various performance techniques at Tamalpa Institute, Kentfield, CA, USA
1991/1994Bachelor of Arts (Hon) Degree, Bretton Hall University of Leeds, England. Education content: drama, contemporary and modern dance, as well as choreography
1989/1991Certificate of Movement and Theatre, Tanztheater Freiburg, Germany
2024“Emergency call”, TV series (undertaker Angela Herbst); Director: André Jancevski
2023“Paula” WT, short film (Annette, mother); director: Johanna Opitz
2022“Bekenntnisse einer Leseratte” (“Confessions of a bookworm”), educational film, Hueber Verlag (bookworm), Munich; producer: Fiona Metzger
2022 “Alles Gute kommt von oben” (“Everything good comes from above”), short film, ESE Institut (alcoholic barmad), Munich; producer: Johanna Opitz
2021“Endzeittage” (“days of end time”), short film, Theater Werk Munich (Petra); producer: Felicitas Darschin
2020“Lena Lorenz – Hinter Gittern”, tv-film (Zecke, inmate); producer: Sebastian Sorger
2019“Aktenzeichen XY – Vorsicht Betrug”, tv-magazine (Angelika C.); producer: Rudolf Schweiger
2019“Another One Bites the Dust (gets CLas) cover”, US-documentary (cocktail lady); producer: Laurynne Coates
2019“Fünf Leben- Die Testamentseröffnung”, tv-series (Iris Schulze); producer: Patrick Freiheit, Andy Klein
2018“Das Tal der Mörder”, tv-film (barkeeper Oberhofer); producer: Peter Keglevic
2018“Novartis – Hautkrebs”, documentary (Mrs. Schuster, mother); producer: Christiane Weber
2018“Schicksale – Liebe über den Tod hinaus”, TV series (Karla Rommel, mother); producer: Andy Klein
2017“Kleine Menschen – Große Fragen”, short film episode (head of day-care centre, Kathrin Seybold); producer: Johannes Rosenstein
2017“Galilio Spezial – chancellor experiment”, documentary (environment minister, Tamara Kendricks); producer: Tobias Bräuhauser
2016“Ich habe drei Kinder, oder wissen Sie von mehr”, short film (wife Luzi); producer: Daniela Glatz
2015“Fading Color – Retinopathie”, short film (Dr. Ebert); producer: Julian Pfretzschner
2015“Eine Frau wie ich”, Sat.1-series (Mareike Herzog); producer: Patrick Hammerschmidt
2015“Fuck Ju Göthe 2”, cinema comedy (burnout teacher); producer: Boro Dagtekin
2014“Dahoam is Dahoam”, BR-soap (Mrs. Schneider); producer: Jochen Müller
2014“Zweimal zweites Leben”, ZDF-Film (nurse 1); producer: Claudia Prietzel & Peter Henning
2014“Zeit für Tiere”, BR- documentary (protagonist); producer: Nicole Hillgruber
2014“SOKO 5113”, ZDF-series (Anneliese Uhlmann, murder victim); producer: Heidi Kranz
2013“Unter Verdacht – Mutterseelenallein”, ZDF-series (prison doctor); producer: Martin Weinhart
2013“Der Alte – Melodie des Todes”, ZDF-series (wife of minister of education and the arts); producer: Michael Kreindl
2013“Liebesdiener”, 3SAT-documentary Switzerland (protagonist); producer: G. Köstler-Kull
2013“Gesundheit – Cholesterin”, BR-documentary (protagonist); producer: P. Künzel
2013„Lebenslänglich Mord – Nesthocker“, BR-series (mother as victim of murder); producer: R. Schweiger
2012“Gesundheit – Anti-aging”, BR-documentary (protagonist); producer: J. Richter
2012“Anna verzweifelt gesucht”, SAT.1-series (assistance of emergency service); producer: A. Ruhmland
2011“Frei wie ein Vogel”, short film (mother); producer: M. Gottmann, Macromedia-University for Media Communication, Munich
2010“Gesundheit – Nachtblindheit”, TV documentary (protagonist); producer: B. Thomas
2010“Sturm der Liebe”, TV-Telenovela (hotel guest); producer: C. Meyer-Grohbrügge
2010“Lovelab”, final exam film of the academy for film Ludwigsburg in cooperation with TV channel ZDF (office worker); producer: M. Dolderer
2008“M.A.N. – die treibende Kraft”, image film (cook/mother 1809, lady 1924); producer: J. Litzinger
2008“Der Kaiser von Schexing”, TV soap (funeral guest); producer: Bogner
2006/07“Trauma”, regional cinema film (golfplayer); producer: B. Schneider
2006“Eure letzte Chance“, TV soap (mother of deceased son); producer: F. Lederbogen
2005/06“Strafgericht”, TV soap (housewife, society lady and mother of the accused); producer: I. Klöntrup
2000/01“Verbotene Liebe”, TV soap (lover, bumper car owner, platform passenger)
1999/00“Lindenstraße”, TV soap (churchgoer, neighbour)
1998“Intercity”, TV soap (train traveller)
1997/99advertisement spots for TV and cinema (housewife, inspired artist, mother)
2024“Reading against” (Eva Leidmann from: Wie man sich bettet), Odeonsplatz, Munich; Director: Helena Nitsche. With the kind support of the Munich Department of Culture, Künstlersozialwerk, Mohr Villa
2024“Eeny, meeny, miny moe” (various), Replay Theatre, Munich; Director: Uke Schilling
2023“Tricksters” (various), Replay Theatre, Munich; Director: Ruppel, Schilling
2023“Lesung gegen das Vergessen” (Bertha von Suttner, Die Waffen nieder!), Odeonsplatz München; Regie: Hausdorf, Schmitt-Thiel. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung Kulturreferat München, Künstlersozialwerk, Mohr-Villa
2023“Business Theatre” (diverse), InterMinds; Regie: diverse
2022“Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte” nach Charles Dickens (diverse Sprechrollen), Lesung mit musikalischer Umrahmung, Freie Szene München; Regie: Herzing, Schulze
2022“Natürlich aufwachsen” (diverse), Mutweltentheater, Tourneetheater Oberbayern; Regie: Herzing, König, Ruppel
2022“Reading against oblivion” (Rosa Luxemburg/Letters from prison), virtual and Odeonsplatz, Munich; Director: Gerhard Schmitt-Thiel. Funded by department of Arts & Culture Munich, Künstlersozialwerk, Mohr-Villa
2022“Der schwarze Stein” / “The black stone” (various), dasvinzenz Theater, Mucca 31, Munich; Director: Cornelia Maschner
2021“Reading against oblivion” (Irène Némirovsky/Suite francaise),, virtual. Funded by department of Arts & Culture Munich, Künstlersozialwerk
2020“Was Menschen berührt” (performer), solo dance performance with voice, exhibition of visual art by Künstlersozialwerk Munich
2019/21“Ein Engel auf der Couch” (guardian angel Elena), solo performance with dance and singing; various venues Munich and Bavaria. Funded by association LichtBlick. Director: Johannes Rosenstein
2018/20“business theatre” (various), Interactors, Frankfurt; Director: Birkholz/Schnitzer
2018“Liaisons mit Picasso” (Olga Khoklova, Francoise Gilot), play reading with dance and singing, Company Litttera Mobile at Theatre Pasinger Fabrik and others, Munich. Own production funded by BA 15 of the city of Munich and association LichtBlick. Director: Herzing/Hobucher
2017“Performance Installation” (performer), Lothringer 13 Halle, Munich; Director: Zita Schüpferling (supported by debutant funding of AdBK Munich)
2017“Photo shooting for commercial” (performer); Director: Erdal Buldun, photographer
2016“Die Buddenbrooks” (various), Akademie der Kunst, Ludwigsburg; Director: Sandra Strunz
2015/16“Frau Holle” (Frau Holle), Theatre K-BUM, Liechtenstein; Director: Andy Konrad
2015“Novotel-ibis hotel opening” (Regina), Brand-L Event Munich; Director: Katharina Möbius
2015“Peer Gynt” by Ibsen/Grieg (Aase, main female part), Musica Europa, Marburg; Director: Enke Eisenberg; Musical Director: André Hammerschmied
2012/15“Mord in der Abtei Sankt Benefizius”, touring theatre play Germany (chief inspector, main part), premiere play of Dine & Crime; Director: W. Gawlik
2011“Mord in Giesing”, live-detective-event (talking corpse), Allmender GmbH, Munich
2011/15“Murder in the Abbey of St. Benefizius”, English speaking touring theatre play, Germany (chief inspector, main part), premiere play of Dine & Crime; Director: W. Gawlik
2010“Versteh’ einer die Frauen” written by Stoltze (housewife); guest engagement at AuGuSTheater Neu-Ulm; Director: Riese & Koch
2009/15“Der Fluch auf Süderstorm”, touring theatre play Germany (pub landlady, female main part), premiere play of Dine & Crime; Director: W. Gawlik
2008“Drei Mal leben” by Yasmin Reza (finance expert), guest engagement at AuGuSTheater Neu-Ulm; Director: R. Milde
2006/07“Der Wunschpunsch” by Michael Ende (money witch); Director: R. Hauff; guest engagement at municipal theatre Koblenz-Lahnstein 
2006“Das Mietshaus – 1923” , Open Air Theater (neighbour), premiere play of Schauspiel im Denkmal Koblenz; Director: A. Hinz
2005“Der kleine Horrorladen” by Ashman/Menken (Chriystal and plant), at municipal theatre Koblenz-Lahnstein; Director: A. Horre
2005“Orpheus und Eurydike” open air theatre, premiere play (pieride, maenade); Director: A. Hinz, Schauspiel im Denkmal Bonn/Koblenz
2002“Die Hutmacherin”, premiere play of ZENO Tourneetheater (milliner) with guest engagement at Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln ; Diector: I. Beimbauer/S. Ebelt
2002“Antigone” nach Sophokles (Antigone), guest engagement at the Theater im Depot, Dortmund; Director: C. Scholze
2001/04“Madame Kuh und das Q”, touring theatre, premiere play of ZENO Theater Köln (stork & calf); Director: A. Ferraris; with guest engagement at municipal theatre Velbert; nominated for children and youth theatre award Cologne 2002
1996/00“Niquena – Abenteuer im Land der Wolken”, premiere play of Life/Art Ensemble (Natura), touring theatre with guest engagement at municipal theatre Konstanz; Director: P. Eischeid
1972/82Amateur theatre as child and teenager for 10 years; 1st award franconian amateur theatre 1981 for “Krämerskorb” (thick maid); Director: F. Ziegler
2024Barrier-free communication; role: various (main part); director: various; My Communicator
since 2022Microphone speaker for announcements, German & English
2021Various radio plays, Berlin & Munich
2010“Haven”, (mother of killed gang member; Carol, estate agent); Violet Media Munich
2010“Friday Night Lights”, (young woman; ensemble voice); Berliner Synchron München
2022“Embracing Joy”, in own production (funded by department of culture in Munich), TANZtheater 50+ at Theatre Pasinger Fabrik and Gasteig, Munich (choreography)
2019“Ein Engel auf der Couch”, solo performance with dance and singing (funded by LichtBlick), various venues, Munich; Director: J. Rosenstein (choreography)
2018“Liaisons mit Picasso” play reading with dance and singing, own production (funded by BA 15 of the city of Munich and LichtBlick), Ensemble Littera Mobile, Munich; Director: Herzing/Hobucher (choreography)
2017“Wahre Sinnlichkeit” in own production (funded by department of culture in Munich), TANZtheater 50+ at Theatre Pasinger Fabrik and Gasteig, Munich (choreography)
2015/16“Frau Holle” by the Brothers Grimm, guest-part choreographer at Theater K-BUM, Liechtenstein; Director: A. Konrad (choreography)
2015“Peer Gynt” by Ibsen/Grieg, Marburg festival under Musica Europa; Choreography: M. Herzing/R. Pedrocchi; Director: E. Eisenberg; Musical Director: A. Hammerschmied (choreography)
2015“Fräulein Schmidt und der Aufstand der Frauen”, première open air play, Kleines Stadttheater Gerolzhofen (choreography)
2014“Alter ent-falten”, with TANZtheater 50+ at Theater Pasinger Fabrik, Munich in own production (choreography)
2006/07“Hair”, guest part choreographer municipal theatre Koblenz-Lahnstein; Director: F. Hahn (choreography)
2005/06“West Side Story”, guest choreographer municipal theatre Koblenz-Lahnstein; Director: F. Hahn (choreography)
2004“Chicken Farm”, Cologne in own production (choreography)
2003“Projektionen”, solo dancer & choreographer in cooperation with fotographer M. Bertram, Kufa Koblenz (dance & choreography)
2003“Women Only”, Orangerie Cologne in own production, supported by Kunststiftung NRW (choreography)
2002“Antigone”, guest engagement as solo dancer & choreographer at Theater im Depot, Dortmund; Director: C. Scholz (dance & choreography)
2002“Die Hutmacherin”, guest choreographer for ZENO Theater Köln (choreography)
2001“Put your head …”, solo, own production, Cologne (dance & choreography)
2001“Self-esteem”, Cologne in own production (choreography)
2000“Unusual way“, solo & choreographer with singer, own production, Cologne (dance & choreography)
2000“Kalimando”, Eigenproduktion, Köln (Choreografie)
1999“America”, Cologne in own production (choreography)
1996/00“Niquena – Abenteuer im Land der Wolken”, solo dancer, choreographer and co-founder of touring theatre Life/Art Ensemble; Director: P. Eischeid; with guest engagement at municipal theatre Konstanz (dance & choreography)
1996/97“Evolution”, solo, own production, Nürnberg, Heidelberg, Cologne (dance & choreography)
1996“Portugal”, S. Grothmann, Freiburg, Germany (dance)
1995“Trust in me – believe in me”, solo, own production, San Francisco, USA (dance & choreography)
1995/07Choreography and coaching for performing artists (choreography)
1995/99Choreography and coaching for fashion shows (choreography)
1994“On the edge”, J. Smith, touring company in England (dance)
1994“For you my friend”, Bretton Hall Theatre, England (choreography)
1993“Other people´s shoes”, J. Smith, Theatre Leeds, England (dance)
1993“Memories”, C. Lomas, Wakefield Opera House, England (dance)
1993“Dance Pieces”, A. Howitt, Wakefield Opera House & City Theatre Cardiff (dance)
1993“Salsa”, dance collaboration, Wakefield Opera House, England (dance & choreography)
1993“Eek – Europeans coming together”, Bretton Hall Theatre, England (choreography)
1992“Untitled Solo”, solo in cooperation with actor J. Kaufman, own production, Bretton Hall Theatre, England (dance & choreography)
1992“Shakespeare Festival”, J. Butterworth, Bretton Hall Theatre, England (dance)
1992“Movement is the message”, E. Jamieson, Bretton Hall Theatre, England (dance)
1992“Desert voice”, E. Jamieson, Wakefield Opera House, England (dance)
1991“Crucible”, J. Butterworth, touring company in England (dance)
1991/94Worked with Motionhouse, Jonathan Burrows and Wayne Mc Gregor, England and Andy Howitt, Scotland (dance)
1991“It is what it is”, Duo, own production, Bretton Hall Theatre, England (dance & choreography)
1990“Pyanopsion”, E. Weissmann, Tanztheater Freiburg, Germany (dance)
2009/10Tutor for giving workshops in creativity and dance, Germany; eg. Drama school Zerboni, Munich International School and public community
2008Performance Artist in Residence at Munich International School and Phorms, Munich, Germany
2007Touring principal of “Kleiner Eisbär”, Theater Concept, South of Germany
1995/20Tutor for creativity- and dance education at various institutions within Germany, Greece, England and the USA
1997/03Dance Tutor and Choreographer at training College for Drama and Dance, Cologne, Germany
1999Dance Tutor and Movement Coach at D.a.S. Theater, Cologne, Germany
1996Guest Tutor at Dance- and Clownschool TUT, Hannover, Germany
1991Assistant at Centre of Cultural Life in Grimone, France
1983/86Fully qualified nurse at University hospital Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany


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Reading against oblivion

With my reading from “Wie man sich bettet” by Eva Leidmann, I am once again pleased to make a small contribution to the Germany-wide historical reading. It takes place in remembrance of the book burning by the National Socialists in 1933, who threw the works of ostracised authors into the fire. I am very grateful and proud to be taking part again on 10 May 2024 with my reading on the historic Odeonsplatz in Munich. As a reminder that this must never happen again in Germany!!!


Monika Maria Herzing

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